Incarnation God Revealed in human form. Pt. 3

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thr-hecameEvery day of the week my son awakens and makes his way to his, not one but three advent calendars, keeping tract of the days until Christmas. With our very own official “count down” specialist keeping us abreast it’s not hard to get caught up in the craziness of the Holiday season. It takes effort, much like anything else that’s of value, to hold onto the important issues at hand and with Christmas it is no different. See as a father of an awesome kid it hard for me as well because I want to see my son overwhelmed with gifts. But this gives us all one of the greatest opportunities through out the year to not only live by example in our giving but a tremendous teaching occasion presents itself. One that allows us to show just how important the gift of our savior and King is. Although the event its self is wrapped up in history it is that evidence that gives us the confidence to trust that the virgin birth is not a myth and is grounded in antiquity. But the power and truth of this message transcends all events of the past and it is carried across all cultures and time. This is why I love this time of the year, it acts as a beacon to the world of a child born but not just a nice little boy but the God of the universe saw it fit to take on the form of man, come down to us, suffer as we do, and ultimately die in our place for the propitiation of our sins (1 John 2:2).[1]

This is the message of the incarnation of the second person of the trinity and our great God. This message is the one we should proclaim to everyone. This is the message that has reached deep down in this country boy’s heart and exploded in the miracle of conversion. Birthing the reality that God who loves not only me but also the entire human existence. My hope, my passion is that as you seek truth and allow the evidence to lead you, you will have an encounter of a lifetime with God incarnate, the person of Jesus Christ. I have hopefully helped us understand the fact that Jesus was God personified in human form both here and here. Although this post isn’t so apologetically inclined its important for us all to acknowledge that truth may have a form whether fact or experiment, it all impacts us in a very real way. Truth and what we do with forms our convictions and they in turn form our worldview by which we act and interact with all of humanity. So this post is my expression of just that; a life changed forever by the power of God’s truth through his love (Eph.4:15) God Bless and have a very Merry Christmas.

[1] The Holy Bible: Holman Christian Standard Version. Nashville: Holman Bible Publishers, 2009.