Incarnation, God Revealed in Human Form Part 1

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Incarnation, God Revealed in Human Form


The Word became flesh and took up residence among us.[1] We are approaching the season in which the incarnation is celebrated although I will concede up front that historically the date is not necessarily appropriate, for my argument it has no real bearing. In the next few Blog posts I would like to attempt to tackle this controversial issue and bring some understanding to kenosis, the Greek word used in Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi, which is revealed in the statement “emptied himself” (Phil. 2:7). The statement at face value would seem obvious to some, that the second person of the trinity had emptied himself of his divinity and became the ultimate man but this raises a pertinent question, can God be less than God? In defining “God” we could conclude that he is; self-existing, all knowing, all powerful, ever and all present, all loving, timeless, immaterial, space-less, eternal and so forth. If these are essential elements that constitute God then wouldn’t it follow that if one would be removed this being would no longer be justified in the title of God as the all Supreme Being? I don’t think this is a correct interpretation at least while the context of the passage has yet to be looked at. See other Christian doctrine falls apart if Jesus was only a human, the Trinity is eliminated, many prophesies crumble as well as the many instances of Jesus’ deity are then falsified. So we can see why an understanding of the incarnation is important to a complete cohesive biblical worldview. So due to the fact that I am typing this on Thanksgiving Ill bring this to a close for today but at least I have given us some food for thought, not that we need any more food on this day, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!



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