All Roads Lead to Heaven?

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All Roads Lead to Heaven?

All roads lead to heaven, we’ve all heard that a few times but is it true; if it is then the exclusivity of Jesus being the only way to God could be false. First I’d like to address the issue of truth in general. Does absolute true exist? I think it does and in keeping things succinct I will mention that in denying absolute truth it is affirmed. Here’s an example, “there is no such thing as absolute truth,” well I must ask “is that true.” Do to the law of non-contradiction we come face to face with the fact of absolute truth. So then can truth in religion be known, is Jesus the only way to God? Using the same laws of logic to All distinguish truth in other areas of life we can conclude that “yes” truth can be known in religious ideas. So I think it can go with out saying that if we desire to know the truth then we will have to settle for also knowing what is false. Either Jesus is the only way or he is not the only way.

Based on the historical narratives of the NT Jesus is clearly described as the only way to God (Acts 4:12). And as Dr. Craig observed, if sin were universal then salvation would need to be as well and according to the NT documents one of the things making Jesus unique is he paid the price for the sins of all mankind. Another observation by Dr. Craig is that some arguments against the exclusive claims of Christianity are based upon how people come to their religious beliefs (culture, family…) and this is a genetic fallacy which shows that the validity of those beliefs, where your beliefs come from, do not constitute the truth of those beliefs. Christianity stands or falls based on the truthfulness of its historical accounts. So what of Jesus’ uniqueness among other religions?

As for the challenge put against Christianity for being a copycat religion, coping beliefs of ancient mystery religions I will say one thing do to space. Similarities do not give reason to whether or not something is false. History needs to be examined against the claims. But lets look at two ideas a little closer. How about Buddha, his claims were not of divinity at all but that all roads lead to god. As Komoszewski stated most religions have a god “who dies not for others…died repeatedly…involuntarily…yet he observes, Jesus died for sin…Jesus’ death was an actual historical even…and his death was not a defeat but a triumph.” If sin is a reality, which can be quite evident by the evil perpetrated by mankind, then we need a real savior and no one else claims to have dealt the deathblow to sin as Jesus had. If salvation is needed then no other god can give us that, so Jesus seems to arise as a very unique God among all other religions, one that we should pursue.

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